Seems Holy (but She’s Not) Lyrics

Seems Holy (but She’s Not)
© Bruce Mann 2011
Words and Music by Bruce Mann & Victor Migenes

Beware if you’re lonely
take heed if you’re kind
Keep one eye as she saunters by on your rational mind
In her pure white smock she’s smoking, but fires of hell burn hot
She’s blonde, she’s lean she’s squeaky clean

She’s not the little girl you thought
She’s not the innocent you bought
Seems Holy but she’s not

Angelic face all shining, in her little choir she sings
She darts a thigh at the minister’s eye in the dark of the chapel wings
O sacred man please listen if you think she kneels to God
When virgins switch, revelation’s a bitch

She’s not the messenger of God
Not the salvation that you sought
Seems Holy but she’s not

Join her flock, the shepherdess of dark sheep
Let her bear your darkest dreams while you sleep
At her feet, slumber deep, so meek

Shed your inhibitions, scream like lovers do
Feel your blood scrape away like mud from her patent shoe
Crushed and cramped and sweating, you’ve never been more free
Leave her in the morning leave her all to me

Seems Holy but she’s not
Seems Holy but she’s not
Seems Holy

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