Record Release Date: March 6, 2012

Lakeshore Records has confirmed that our debut LP will be released March 6, 2012.  A little later than we hoped, but Lakeshore Entertainment (our boss’s boss) had some movie soundtracks in the que ahead of us.  So what’s a band with their first record gonna do?  We’re gonna be damn happy to have a release date for a record we’re really proud of. 

This record combines our swampy rootsy haunted garage rock tunes with our New Orleans-inspired rags and romps–and musically it represents everyone in the band.  Each of the six players in the Dance Hall Pimps wrote, co-wrote, or arranged at least one song on this record.  Some might say it’s an eclectic record, but we say it’s all Pimps music.  Every song, regardless of the genre that inspires it, has our sense and our style.  To say our record is eclectic is like saying a guy’s wardrobe that contains a killer pair of jeans and a killer suit is eclectic—no it’s not.   It’s called style, a style of your own still changes up to fit what your trying to express and the context you’re in, but it always remains your style.

We challenged Lakeshore’s initial decision not to include two covers as bonus tracks:  I Put A Spell On You and our own unique take on a rarely-covered Lou Reed classic:  Take a Walk on the Wild Side (arranged by DHP bassist Eddie Fish and producer Rob Hill).  Both songs will be on the record, and they shred.  You’re gonna love ’em.

We’re told there will be a single track released in advance of the LP… not sure which track that will be.  We all have our favorites, but it’s up to Lakeshore.  And we will blow the call to action when the LP is available for pre-order.

Big love to our producers Rob Hill and Grammy® winner, Matt Hyde.  They kept us on track and delivered on-time to Lakeshore.  They also brought our various sounds into a coherent production.

We recorded most of the tracks at Casa de R&R, the studio built by Rob Hill.  And we’re super thankful to Jed Lieber who allowed R.J. to record his lead vocal tracks in the internationally renowned Nightbird Studios.

Here are photos of the guys in both studios, followed by RJ’s brief video tour of Nightbird Studios.

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