Beasts For Love: the Top 5 Monster Cinema Sex Scenes

The idea of our song Beast for Love is that most monster movies are really love stories… or lust stories. To exemplify this point, we’ve selected our top five Monster Sex Scenes in American cinema.

1. The Hunger (1983 MGM, Directed by Tony Scott).

The lesbian love scene between Catherine Deneuve and a young & busty Susan Sarandon is more flesh-erecting than most porn and more cinematic than many more-acclaimed films.

Deneuve’s heart-stopping beauty was never more aptly cast than as a seductive gracious vampire fronting as a music teacher with her long-time companion — the iconic David Bowie. Yeah, Bowie! Strangely, Bowie is not on the soundtrack, which nonetheless features sumptuous original music by Michel Rubini and Denny Jaeger, as well as dreamy classical selections of Bach and Schubert. Trailer:

2. Young Frankenstein (1974 Twentieth Century Fox, Written & Directed by Mel Brooks).

Actually, the sex scene is obscured by the monster (Peter Boyle) whose back nearly fills the frame as he mounts Dr. Frankenstein’s fiancé Elizabeth (Madeleine Khan), resulting in Elizabeth’s rising operatic orgasm brought forth by the Monster’s unnaturally large and electrified love-wand.

You may not see her face, but you’re a believer after that scene. Whoa, how come someone hasn’t yet come out with a fleshy vibrating dildo named The Frankenstein?! Clip:

3. Embrace of the Vampire (1995 New Line Cinema).

Touted as “The sexiest vampire movie ever made.” Ehhhh, maybe so if this flick were made before The Hunger. But it could be touted as the sexiest crappy vampire movie ever made.

This rubbish is watchable only for a young pretty Alyssa Milano who spends much of the film naked and her story… errrr climaxes in a foursome with two guy vamps and a girl vamp (the exquisite Rebecca Ferrati). The scene is shot softly filtered and makes for pretty cheesy bad porn, but for a horror film it’s the unremarkable nacho-chip delivery system for enjoying the hot yummy salsa that is Alyssa Milano at her naked best.

4. The Howling II (1986 Hemdale Films).

This time-capsule of the look and sound of the 80’s, with a New Wave soundtrack by Steve Parsons & Robert Randle, will either make you want to mousse your hair or drive an ice pick in your ears – after indulging yourself to a wild orgy scene featuring the aggressive sensuality of Sybil Danning that puts the “Beast” in the very idea of Beasts for Love.

The ravishing werewolves in this “you slasher, you brought her” B flick literally ravish each other throughout. One last thing: a too-old & too-slick Christopher Lee sporting white-framed slant shades is simply not to be missed.

5. Bride of Chucky (1998 Universal Pictures).

Homicidal wise-cracking doll Chucky is apparently anatomically correct and about to score with Tiffany – a sizzling sexed-up doll voiced by the crotch-popping talents of Jennifer Tilly. She says: “Wait – do you have a rubber?” Chucky responds: “Look at me. I’m all rubber!” OK, overt references to safe sex practices between two homicidal dolls may not be the crowning achievement of satirical irony – but we appreciate the effort.

The campy wry teasing sex scenes abound in this 4th and funniest installment of the Chucky franchise. The soundtrack is killer too with tracks by Powerman 5000, Slayer, Static X, White Zombie, and Judas Priest. Personal fav is Boogie King by the Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies. Trailer:

Now that you have an idea behind the inspiration,take a listen to our tune Beasts For Love

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