Jim Wilson – Self Titled, Debut Solo Release (Review)

Reviewed by Dance Hall Pimps drummer Vic Baron.

About a year and a half ago I came across a music blog written by Mother Superiors’ Jim Wilson. In it he writes about his friendly relationship with Michael Jackson, Meatloaf, Danny Lanois and other artists he admired or has worked with.

Continuing to read he mentions Duncan Faure from the Bay City Rollers. Duncan and I wrote, recorded and performed for many years together, so I was very curious to read what Jim had to say about Duncan. After reading a few things that I know I could elaborate on I decided to contact Jim and share my side of those stories. By the way Jim and I go back 20 years to the beginnings of Mother Superior, when he and bass player Marcus Blake would come see Duncan and I perform. We became friends and not too long after Jim and Marcus were up on stage jamming and adding their great vocals to our performance.

Jim Wilson

I emailed Jim and put my two cents in on some Duncan trivia. Jim got back to me and was happy that we had re-connected. We planned to meet last Christmas, but for whatever reason we didn’t hook up. Cut to a couple of months ago, we started emailing each other and by coincidence, we both had new music to share; Jim was putting the finishing touches on his first solo release, after spinning out 10 Mother Superior records. With my new project taking flight I also wanted Jim to hear what vintage seasoned musicians can do with our newly formed DANCE HALL PIMPS.

Jim, who also tours as lead axe man for SPARKS, writes music for MEATLOAF, HENRY ROLLINS and ALICE COOPER, reviews music on his own blog, so I thought he should get a friendly dose of Pimpdom, and in return Jim handed me his first solo release. JIM WILSON on VINYL! Very cool, available at Amoeba Records. And yes also available on CD.

You always hope that your friends’ music is something you’re genuinely going to enjoy and this record is no let down. From the opening track BLEEDING to the closing LET IT RUN THROUGH YOU, you will find there is something for everyone here. He has a great approach to song hooks and lyrical percussion, combined with his master guitar riffing. I already have my favorites like THINGS ARE LOOKING UP, which has a great rock/funky approach. Then there is HOLDING OUT FOR LOVE, another excellent rocker, to HOT SHOT, a very Stones esque tune that I think I have played at least 20 times already. And if you think Jim is just a rocker think again and take a listen to CRY NOW PAY LATER, you will appreciate his versatility in executing sincere ballads more along the lines of a Bowie tune. And I think my newest all time favorite is CONVICTED, all I can say is wow, a very cool groovy rocker guaranteed to have you shaking and grooving even when you are all alone.

I hate to let go of my new JIM WILSON debut solo release but I told Jim I would share it with the band. Jim, thank you for my copy and much success to you.

For more information visit: http://jimwilsonmusic.blogspot.com/

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