Beast for Love Gets Love

Join the Dance Hall Pimps Party—Critics Praise Debut CD Beast for Love

“I can’t say enough good things about Beast For Love. This is unquestionably one of the most interesting, best executed, and totally refreshing albums of 2012!” – Colossal Pop

“A howling party record that’s infectious in all the right ways… a musically muscular package… frenzied horns, white hot keys, a driving backline… call it pulp rock.” - JiveWired

“Dance Hall Pimps. Great name for a band right? What is even better than their name is their music!… an impressive debut album that will leave listeners and fans waiting for what will come next.” - Indie Music Reviewer

“Spooky Grooves that never back down.” - Indie Music Digest

“They jam, they do it, they rock!” - WTF with Marc Maron

“This album is like nothing that is out there today. Its twisted subject matter mixed with catchy rock hooks will definitely whet appetites” –

“Dance Hall Pimps is not a one hit wonder, but in this album, prove they have the potential to captivate and keep a crowds attention and leave them wanting more.” – Xombiewoof Magazine

Infectious hooks with foot tapping beatsmind blowing vocals.” – RockWired Radio

It’s a rockin’ good time.” –

“Known for their dizzying array of rootsy rock and roll, soul and gothic swamp… Beast for Love is quite a calling card.” - Audiophile Audition

“[Beast for Love] is a fun and rockin’ album that you’ll want in your collection. It’s the new graveyard smash” - The Painted

“The front cover of Los Angeleno band Dance Hall Pimps’ debut album oozes sex, rock & roll and a healthy smattering of the macabre. …Beast For Love becomes a sweaty, sexy romp through 12 tunes of rockabilly madness.” - Rave Magazine

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