“Smothered” Featuring Music by the Dance Hall Pimps

The Dance Hall Pimps are taking a break from the Christmas season to celebrate the Friday the 13th release of the official trailer for the upcoming horror/comedy Smothered written and directed by John Schneider (Dukes of Hazard; Tyler Perry’s Haves and Have Nots).  Smothered stars the most feared horror legends in the history of film, Bill “Teddy” Moseley (Rob Zombie’s Devils Rejects), R.A. Mihailoff (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Malcolm Danare (Christine), Don Shanks (Halloween) and Kane Hooder (Friday The 13th).

Smothered features multiple Dance Hall Pimps tracks taken from our debut record “Beast for Love” released last year (Lakeshore Records) and from our recently released second album “The Dead Don’t Walk” (Growling Moon Records).  Backstage at a recent Dance Hall Pimps show, Schneider remarked: “It’s almost like I wrote my movie for Dance Hall Pimps music.”  At Schneider’s request, frontman RJ Comer also wrote the title track to the film.


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