We are so honored to receive such great reviews of our second album The Dead Don’t Walk. Below are excerpts from a few of them. Keep reading for reviews of our debut album Beast for Love and interviews with the Band.

 Reviews of The Dead Don’t Walk

Rust Magazine – “What the Dance Hall Pimps deliver on their second album is a superior line-up of talent focused on building and driving a monster musical machine until the wheels fall off. Bordering on anarchy, but never missing a beat, The Dead Don’t Walk is an all-time great album from a contemporary group of misfits who unite for the common cause of rock and roll devastation. In this world of auto-tune and studio tricks it’s easy to forget how great a band of straight-up talented players can be when they team up like this. This is an album that deserves some attention, respect and submission – Very Highly Recommended”

On Request
– “Filled with gritty, bluesy guitar riffs and smokey vocals that both relax and pump you up all at once, Dance Hall Pimps is a heavy-weight contender in the rock and roll world, and is poised to storm the scene with their latest album.

Punk Nation
– “Dance Hall Pimps have created something truly admirable with ‘The Dead Don’t Walk’. Interesting fun and fresh, dull moments are non-existent on the ten song collection… Dance Hall Pimps are, hands down, one of the most unique bands you’ll ever hear.” Punk Nation also voted The Dead Don’t Walk one of the top albums of the year and the interview with frontman RJ Comer one of the best interviews of the year. Punk Nation Best of 2013

Jigsaw Magazine – “From cabaret and blues rock to Americana and surf rock, the group bends genres into a sound that is all their own.”

IndieRocksMX - ”Dance Hall Pimps make us believe again and enjoy music…”

IndieMusicReviewer – “original, creative and fun”


 Reviews of Beast for Love (Lakeshore Records 2012)

“Your new Beast For Love CD rocks! Congrats on your groundbreaking work incorporating the banjo into your great music!” – Lee PLink Floyd (2012 Inductee, National 4-String Banjo Hall of Fame)

Colossal Pop – “I can’t say enough good things about Beast For Love. This is unquestionably one of the most interesting, best executed, and totally refreshing albums of 2012!” - “This album is like nothing that is out there today. Its twisted subject matter mixed with catchy rock hooks will definitely whet appetites” – “Dance Hall Pimps. Great name for a band right? What is even better than their name is their music! Beast For Love is an impressive debut album that will leave listeners and fans waiting for what will come next. Give these guys a listen, and if you’re in the Los Angeles area look them up and catch them live.”

Rockwired Magazine - “Combining dark and twisted subject matter and wistful lyrics with upbeat tempos and mind blowing vocals, the album can hardly fit neatly into any genre. Innovative lyrics and catchy hooks are what have created memorable tracks with great stories.”

Rockwired Magazine’s May 2012 Artist of the Month Winner - “I’m excited by Dance Hall Pimps winning the Artist of the Month title.” says Rockwired founder Brian Lush  ”The band was up against a lot of very serious sounding rock bands and it is always a pleasure to see a band with a little bit of quirk going for them walking away the winner.”

Xombiewoof Magazine – Dance Hall Pimps is not a one hit wonder, but in this album, prove they have the potential to captivate and keep a crowds attention and leave them wanting more.”

Blues in the – “A most enjoyable, original album and band, but with a serious focus to their music…” -  ”From the first notes of Beast For Love, it’s evident that the Dance Hall Pimps don’t think of themselves as a nostalgic gimmick hoping to capitalize on a revivalist rock and roll sound. They are serious about their craft and this is seriously good music.”

Rave Magazine- “The front cover of Los Angeleno band Dance Hall Pimps’ debut album oozes sex, rock & roll and a healthy smattering of the macabre. After the alluring and deceptive opening panpipes on Seems Holy, Beast For Love becomes a sweaty, sexy romp through 12 tunes of rockabilly madness.” - “Los Angeles-based Dance Hall Pimps have a familiar sound with some not-so-familiar subjects. I wasn’t sure what to make of them at first, but a few tracks into their recently released Beast for Love, I was a fan. …[Beast for Love] is a fun and rockin’ album that you’ll want in your collection. It’s the new graveyard smash.”

Audiophile Audition – “Sometime after closing time and before dawn, the creatures of the night prowl the earth. They search for love, immortality and eventually succumb to fated events. Weaving through the surreal and occasional supernatural, the world is cast in shadows and spells. If these nocturnal inhabitants had a “house” band, it would undoubtedly be Dance Hall Pimps.”

Stonefish Music – “…a band whose music set a frenetic pace and bordered on rock/rockabilly, with lots of sudden tempo changes (which I’m just a complete sucker for) and I guess you could say, that they also threw in a comedic touch to their music. The band is Dance Hall Pimps and I commend them to you without even thinking about it for more than a nanosecond.”




Hellhound Music – “Combining dark and twisted subject matter and wistful lyrics with upbeat tempos and mind blowing vocals, the album can hardly fit neatly into any genre. Innovative lyrics and catchy hooks are what have created memorable tracks with great stories. The singles off the album “Mommy was a Zombie” and “Beast for Love” offer up infectious hooks with foot tapping beats.” – “The latest CD from Dance Hall Pimps is a solid and highly entertaining CD from start to finish. Its strength – the raw song for song intensity that keeps coming at you.  No doubt these guys are a total riot to check out live. The music is dirty, but rock solid, heavy and consistent. Like a heavy weight fighter this CD packs a powerful punch and goes the full 12 rounds with no sign of letting up.” Interview – A great interview with the band by Cyrus Rhodes of Indie Music Digest



CW’s Place – “On ‘Beast for Love’ Dance Hall Pimps offers up a sound that’s fun on the surface with its mostly upbeat tempos along with deep thinker lyrics for those who are willing to dive in a little bit deeper to their music.” - “There is not one bad song on the CD and I will definitely play it at my next party to get people up and dancing’. Good Fun, Good Times and Good Rockin’ with the Dance Hall Pimps!” – “Dance Hall Pimps seem to be having a good time and so should listeners of their debut effort, which is uniquely entertaining.” – “I found the entire album fun and well worth the time to listen to.” – “I was surprised by this band since I never expected to listen to a record that has several genres all combined to make a very eclectic sound. You’ve got a bit of everything here: rock, blues, jazz, soul… So this album is quite a perfect choice to have some fun and made me feel like I was in New Orleans in a bar listening to them.”


Thrust Magazine Interview October 2012

Rockwired Magazine Interview June 2012

On Air Interview with Rock Over America

Rock N Roll

“These guys are having fun and they want you along for the ride. I highly recommend their debut album. You will be treated to a refreshing, creative, romp through their infectious brand of musical entertainment.”

Interview with Skewed and Reviewed

“Chris D, Neil, and Gareth got a chance to ask the band Dance Hall Pimps some questions about their group and the debut CD Beast for Love features art from James O Barr who does the very popular comic The Crow.”

On Air Interview with Blog Talk Radio’s Red Velvet Media

 Pre Debut Album

Culture Brats - Seven Questions in Heaven feature interview with information about the upcoming record release and accompanying party.






Music Connection Magazine – The Dance Hall Pimps signing story on page 26 of the November issue of Music Connection Magazine.


Soul Matters Feature on DHP – An article that focuses on our social mission, how the band came together, and explains the music we play.

º Interview
– “I have to say that at first I didn’t know what to expect from the Dance Hall Pimps… but have no fear, they are in fact a fantastic band, with sounds ranging from blues to rockabilly, from groovy sinister rock to New Orleans-style stomps they will make you ask for an encore…”
~Damian A. – Limited-Release


In-studio on Suicide Girls Radio – The Dance Hall Pimps played live on the May 8th edition of Suicide Girls Radio.


Suckfree Radio - Three Dance Hall Pimps songs were selected to play for Halloween themed radio: Shadow’s Cafe, Underneath Your Stone and Mommy Was a Zombie.


Rick Mizuno on LA Talk Radio – “Indies In Motion” Radio Show Rick Mizuno Live every Monday at 1pm PST on Ch2 of RJ See appeared on Rick Mizuno’s show on February 21, 2011


Blog Talk Radio Artists-on-Demand – RJ See appeared on Artists On Demand March 15, 2011


RJ and Jeff Co-host the Bad Betty Podcast – “Lead singer RJ See and guitarist Jeff Jourard co-hosted the Bad Betty Podcast on May 10 for some wickedly adult web-radio fun” ~Bad Betty


On Air with Tony Sweet – “RJ interviewed on May 4 edition of On Air with Tony Sweet. It’s the Nations #1 Radio Show on LA Talk Radio “This great band is breaking all the rules” ~Tony Sweet






Boulevard Sentinel (scroll down)- Drummer Vic Baron was featured in the September issue of this Eagle Rock paper.


92.5 KYHY Lowrider Live Show with Vato Loco – RJ See and Vic Baron made a 90-minute appearance on February 18, 2011 “The Pimps are bad-ass, this music is Sick, Homz.” ~Vato Loco

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