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Fiercely independent, but never indie… Blues Rock with horns, keyboards, powerful vocals, harp and banjo.  Inspired by Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes, The Electric Flag, Louis Jordan, and Tower of Power, Dance Hall Pimps deliver a contemporary vibe on the classic blues rock sound that is soulfully performed by
killer musicians and is unapologetically grownup.

So Who Are the Dance Hall Pimps? A Pimpography

Created in February 2009 by Americana & Blues singer/songwriter RJ Comer and guitarist Jeff Jourard (formerly of The Motels), the Dance Hall Pimps started out as a show band in the LA underground cabaret scene where they played original music and covers, bending genres from rootsy swamp garage rock, to New Orleans-inspired rags and romps, to horror-theme goth cabaret.

Lakeshore Records (Lakeshore Entertainment) signed the Dance Hall Pimps in 2010.  The band’s debut album, Beast for Love, was released in March 2012.  The album was produced by Grammy Winner Matt Hyde (Porno for Pyros, Cypress Hill) and Rob Hill (Korn, Soul Assassins, Xzibit, Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill, Queen, Jackson Browne).  Beats for Love featured the eclectic range of sounds characteristic of the band’s underground cabaret repertoire.

With their second release, The Dead Don’t Walk, the band settles solidly into a blues rock sound and leaves behind the horror novelty and eclecticism that characterized their first LP.  The band expanded their 5 regular players to include two “Key Players”–making the regular performing band 7 players.  The Dead Don’t Walk is expected to be released November 5, 2013 on Growling Moon Records.

Who are the musicians who make up the unique Dance Hall Pimps Sound?

Dance Hall Pimps

  • RJ Comer – vocals/banjo/guitar
  • Jeff Jourard – lead guitar
  • Steve Carr – saxophone/clarinet/flute
  • Vic “Baron” Migenes – drums
  • Eddie Fish – bass/vocals

Key Players

  • Daniel Alexander – keyboards
  • Philip Fiorio – trumpet

Featured Additional Players

  • Jimmie Wood – harmonica, vocals
  • James Paul Luna – back-up vocals
  • Terry Ilous – back-up vocals
  • Paul Ill – bass

RJ Comer: Lead Vocals, Banjo, Guitar


RJ Comer (lead vocals/banjo/guitar) is a classically-trained musician gone terribly wrong, a Chicago-area boy with swamp water in his veins.  He’s a terrible disappointment to his parents.  His mom was the church organist and choir director by day and a big band diva by night.  His dad played bluegrass and gospel music around the campfire and on the porches around the neighborhood.  RJ learned to sing in church, but fell in love with soul and blues.  He got his style from old horror movies and Bob Fosse musicals.

RJ avoided expulsion and juvenile hall by agreeing to join the high school vocal music department which eventually led him to college and music school.  As a performer RJ says he’s learned more from Louis Jordan and Lux Interior than from or Puccini or Mozart, getting his style from old horror movies, film noire, and Bob Fosse musicals.

Jeff Jourard: Lead Guitar

Jeff Jourard (lead guitar) is barely used to the gravity on our planet. His mother was routinely abducted and fertilized by space aliens, and he was raised by Tibetan monks who found him in a Roswell, New Mexico gas station where he had wandered off to watch the man fill the Coke machine. A childhood spent tossing chunks of scrap magnesium into the fireplace to watch the brilliant lights led to years in a cave with a soldering iron and books by Edgar Allen Poe, Jimi Hendrix and Merlin Blencowe.

When a man appeared to him on a flaming pie and said it was time to go outside, he joined Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for a year or so, and then left to form The Motels. Jeff then spent a decade raising parrots in Pennypacker, Kansas for an underground feather fetish organization, leading to the inevitable result – joining forces with R.J. See to form the Dance Hall Pimps.

Vic “Baron” Migenes: Drums

Once a drummer for the extended dysfunctional family of The Bay City Rollers, although gratefully never officially inducted. Accomplishments include movie soundtrack work for Madonna’s “Who’s That Girl” and studio/ghost drumming for acts signed to SIRE and METAL BLADE RECORDS. His back up band “ACT” is a stable of rotating musicians including members of Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers, The Motels, Billy Idol, Young Dubliners, etc.

Born on the plains of the Serengeti, to Nomadic parents, who abandoned “Little Vic” as they fled the village camp to avoid a devastating monsoon, was adopted by a pack of wildebeest. It is here where he learned to play tribal percussion by listening to the distant sound of African percussionists bashing the tribal drum and chanting to the gods. Finally returned to human care in adolescence, Vic had to acclimate to a Homo-sapien lifestyle, where he furthered his music education. When asked what memories he has of his unconventional upbringing, Victor simply responds: “I was given a second chance at life, and for that I am grateful. But, when alone in the peace and quiet of my hotel room, I remember fondly where my true roots lie, and long for the day when I can once again feel the warm cuddly embrace of my supple-hoofed friends.”

Steve Carr: Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute

Steve Carr (saxophone) has worked with many notable composers including Lalo Schifrin, Charles Fox, Benny Carter, Lenny Neihaus, John Parker, Buddy Collette, John Cacavas and David Rose. A personal highlight was playing tenor sax on the Benny Carter Band’s Japan tour with Dizzy Gillespie, Johnny Griffen, Marlena Shaw and Phil Woods. He was a soloist on the 2001 Grammy nominated “The Buddy Collette Big Band in Concert” album.

Why an accomplished and highly-regarded musician like Steve enjoys playing with the Dance Hall Pimps is quickly becoming one of the great mysteries of Jazz legend and mythology. Some say the Pimps kidnapped and brainwashed him. Some say he’s working off a Luciferian debt. Some say Jeff Jourard’s alien relatives inhabited Steve’s body. Some say he always wanted to rock to an audience of adoring young women—which, let’s face it, few jazz guys ever get to experience no matter how good they are. Whatever the reason, the Pimps got him and we aren’t giving him back.

Eddie Fish: Bass, Vocals

Eddie was born into music, his father being a music professor at a small collage in Seattle. He started playing professionally at the tender age of 15 with the vision and work ethic of being a jazz player and was destined to study at Berkley collage in Boston after studying with the great Gary Peacock. At the age of 17, he was seduced to the dark side by a whisper of a woman who screamed rock & roll. He spent the next 7 years touring in a rock band playing clubs living the life of sex, drugs & ….

At the age of 24 he was signed to a recording contract & moved to L.A. with a certainty he was going to be a rock & roll star but the label went under & Eddie was left wandering the streets of L.A. lost. He was fortunate to find & study with Tim Bogart for a bit and played with many different bands over the years when, by chance, he stumbled upon the debauchery of the Dance Hall Pimps. Seeing kindred spirits in the wickedness of thought & talent, he’s home.

Daniel Alexander:  Keyboards

Although not officially a member of the Dance Hall Pimps, keyboardist Daniel Alexander regularly appears with the band in concert and plays on the forthcoming album–the band’s follow-up to Beast for Love.  Daniel is an in-demand session player for stage and studio.  Among many successful projects, he manhandled the keys for the operatic band Mozart.

D. Alexander

Philip Fiorio:  Trumpet

Philip “The Fire” Fiorio is a young trumpet player with chops beyond his years.  As a session player with the Dance Hall Pimps, Philip joins Steve Carr on stage and in the studio to provide a real horn section on the evolving Dance Hall Pimps sound.

Philip Fiorio

Bruce Mann: Organ, Trumpet, Vocals

“Brother” Bruce Mann played keyboards and trumpet with the Dance Hall Pimps from 2009 until July 2012 and performed on the debut LP ‘Beast for Love.’  He wrote ‘Underneath Your Your Stone’ and co-wrote ‘Seems Holy (but She’s Not)’ with Victor Migenes.

Contact Information


Entered Apprentice Music, LLC
RJ Comer, Creative Manager
Deborah Rosenthal, Business Manager
7119 W. Sunset Boulevard, No. 348
Los Angeles, California 90046


Entered Apprentice Music, LLC
Deborah Rosenthal
Phone:  (323) 445-6192

Label – The Dead Don’t Walk

Growling Moon Records
7119 W. Sunset Blvd, No. 348
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Label – Beast for Love

Lakeshore Entertainment
Lakeshore Records
9268 W. Third Street
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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